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Public Inspection File
KCRW/Santa Monica, CA
KCRU/Oxnard, CA
KCRI/Indio, CA
KCRY/Mojave, CA
Associated Translator Stations

Public File Request Form
CBA Voluntary Alternative FCC-Inspection Program

SMCCD Board of Trustees Policy 2650

Authorizations, FCC Licenses & Applications
Applications and Related Materials
Contour Maps
Ownership Reports and Related Material
Political File
Equal Employment Opportunity file
"The Public and Broadcasting - July 2008"
Issues/Programs List
Donor List
Local Public Notice Announcements
Material relating to an FCC Investigation or Complaint

FCC Rules pertaining to records kept in the Public Inspection File - 47CFR73.3527.
Comments and Questions should be sent to the KCRW PIFmaster -
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